JUNE - 2005


366 circular insights in the private life of RGF for a better understanding of his work by the 'accidental navigator'. This project will be made with one year + a day of images and texts.



01 - 06 - 05: MADRID: ONE YEAR AGO IN. CZECH REPUBLIC. They say (and I am sure that it is true) that the economic recovery of Carlovi Vari is due to the Russian mafia.
02 - 06 - 05: MADRID: ONE YEAR AGO IN. CZECH REPUBLIC. Helena B. took us to Loket before continuing the trip in many many trains until we arrived to Ceske Krumlov...
03 - 06 - 05: MADRID: ONE YEAR AGO IN. CZECH REPUBLIC. ... in which castle the bears are alive . In Jindricuv the horses are painted.
04 - 06 - 05: MADRID: ONE YEAR AGO IN. CZECH REPUBLIC. In etween trains... was it better the cafeteria of a hotel that to be waiting  under the rain?. Before arriving to Telç. 
05 - 06 - 05: MADRID: ONE YEAR AGO IN. CZECH REPUBLIC. In Brno I didn't see medieval graffiti as that of the hung man of the feet (in a castle)
06 - 06 - 05: ZURICH: ONE YEAR AGO IN. CZECH REPUBLIC. The only wall where graffiti are allowed to be made in Praga, it is considered the monument to John Lennon
07 - 06 - 05: ZURICH: ONE YEAR AGO IN. CZECH REPUBLIC. In the area that was under water during the last floods in Praga, they have put the sculpture of two men urinating that has the quality of an image 3D in a PC
08 - 06 - 05: CENTRAL EUROPE: SWITZERLAND. BAD RAGAZ. Surprise!!!  Heidi and Pedro's 'corpses' were in the back of Regula's car.
09 - 06 - 05: CENTRAL EUROPE: LIECHTENSTEIN. VADUZ. In the square beside the museum there is a big sculpture by Chillida!.
10 - 06 - 05:  CENTRAL EUROPE: LIECHTENSTEIN. VADUZ. Before returning to Zurich, Marlise and Martina gave us two boxes of chocolates.
11 - 06 - 05: MADRID: ONE YEAR AGO IN GERMANY. KOLN. As 'paintings of flavor' could be described the oriental dishes  with  which the chef S. Feldmann delighted us  in the restaurant Taku.
12 - 06 - 05: MADRID: ONE YEAR AGO IN GERMANY. DUSELDORF. The monsoon rain  that harassed us, gave more shine to the building of apartments of F. Gerry 
13 - 06 - 05: MADRID: THE OTHER DAY. In Switzerland, I never imagined that the Rhinefalls will be so impressive.
14 - 06 - 05: MADRID: THE OTHER DAY. In Liechtenstein, advance of the celebrations of the 14 th. in the ' Troquel' (Rolf Berger, chef)
15 - 06 - 05: LONDON: PASSING BY. Armando O. just arrived looking for true love. 
16 - 06 - 05: LONDON: PASSING BY. The fountain in Diana's memory... was soothing but difficult to find!!
17 - 06 - 05: EDINBURGH: RITUAL. Like every year, the ritualof weiting myself and writing it down on a used train ticket. (1 more Kg. from september!!)
18 - 06 - 05: EDINBURGH: REGENT TERRACE. For the past 25 years Mr. Harris comes to fix the hot water when we arrive and now, as he is retired, he taught me how to do it myself.
19 - 06 - 05: EDINBURGH: PRIVATE GARDEN. Garden party to say goodbye to Ann and Angus Mitchell that, after living in the Terrace for the past 52 years, sold their house for a million pounds and are going to live somewhere else.
20 - 06 - 05: EDINBURGH: OPEN EYE GALLERY. Between the first exhibition that I made with T. Wilson (Henderson Gallery) and the one that I will make next year... 26 years will have pased!!!
21 - 06 - 05: EDINBURGH: REGENT TERRACE. Finally!! thanks to Carlos we are caught in the net again.
22 - 06 - 05: EDINBURGH: VISIT. J. Binnie, for a few hours in Edinburgh to prepare the direction of two plays during the Festival.
23 - 06 - 05: EDINBURGH: REGENT TERRACE. A hot summer season is on it's way... although not as much as in Madrid.
24 - 06 - 05: EDINBURGH: REGENT TERRACE. While in Madrid was the opening of the exhibition ' Cupido or the blindness of  love' in Edinburgh we were preparing salmon crepes for dinner.
25 - 06 - 05: EDINBURGH: I had never seen in Edinburgh a Gay Pride parade with so many participants.
26 - 06 - 05: EDINBURGH: PRIVATE GARDEN. The weather is so hot that  is impossible to stay the whole day working at home 
27 - 06 - 05: EDINBURGH: CINEMA. I liked 'Sugar' less than 'Summer storm' that we saw the other day.
28 - 06 - 05: EDINBURGH: PRIVATE GARDEN. The Spanish Chestnut tree that we planted in 1994 is groing so much that is  ' swallowing'  the piece of wood that served it as a support in the begining.
29 - 06 - 05: EDINBURGH: THE OTHER DAY. Alan A. and David came to show me their new motobike.
30 - 06 - 05: EDINBURGH: GAY RIGHTS IN SPAIN. Although I won't intend to imitate any heterosexual pattern, I think it is an achivement that in Spain, two people of the same sex have got the option to marry. And... polygamy when ?