The Profane

The Sacred


The Shadow

The Sinister




The Odd



  FEBRUARY - 2004 /  JANUARY - 2005


 A journey in twelve stopovers to the limits of the World made through 52 RGF's images and texts by ANA SANTOS .




In the shade of the column the boy that reads fits,

lightly oblique in respect to the axis of the Universe.



The angle that form the column and his shadow

 has a lot to do with the future.


Juan Antonio González Iglesias



  From that angle of time and dream created by Juan Antonio González Iglesias, our dark ships left day  one day in search of the columns that Heracles erected in the extreme end of the Earth.

     For months we sailed without heading due to the winds, making scale in the strangest places, but in none of them we find the hero's civilization marks. The spirit of the crew was declining and many men, lost all hope, abandoned the enterprise

    The return home was sad and painful, our eyes had admired the most beautiful works made by men, but they had also been witness of the true human condition: the barbarism and the destruction.

     Our mission had failed, the search had been useless. Exhausted, shrunk and heart-stricken the expedition disintegrated, and a silence pact was imposed on the memory.

     Only today, missing all those that accompanied me in the zeal, I dare to break the imaginary votes that united us in life to show some of the chimeric columns in wich we believed and in wich we want to find our hero's prints.

    How blind!

    How crazy!

     In those euphoric years we could not even imagine that the man's only limit is the believes in fear.


Ana Santos