JANUARY - 2004


366 vertical insights in the private life of RGF for a better understanding of his work by the 'accidental navigator'. This project will be made with one year + a day of images and texts.


01 - 01 - 04: MADRID: ARRIAZA. In the first dawn of the year, my 'new year resolutions' are... work, work and work.
02 - 01 - 04: MADRID: THE OTHER DAY. I went to collect the invitations for my next exhibition... to the box office of the Luna film theaters (Eva had them)
03 - 01 - 04: MADRID: SUCH A WASTE OF TIME. Going back and forward to repair the glass that I broke the other day.  
04 - 01 - 04: MADRID: DREAM. I wanted to photograph a very small red bird that I had locked in my left hand. I could not find the camera and when I left it free it was already dead.
05 - 01 - 04: MADRID: BOOK. 'One angle is enough' by J.A. González Iglesias.  Why am I so greedy? In so many things I need two! Two paintings, two cities, two friends...
06 - 01 - 04: MADRID: SUCH A WASTE OF TIME. Keeping useless things that now, at the start of the year, we have decided to throw away.
07 - 01 - 04: MADRID: FOUND OBJECT. The arrow that shows the way to follow, doesn't mean that it is the correct one. (In Avenida Cámara de la Industria, Mostoles)
08 - 01 - 04: MADRID: ARRIAZA. Only five days left to the exhibition's opening (on Tuesday 13th) and the catalog is not finished and half of the works are still not framed.
09 - 01 - 04: ALCORCON: OWN AND OTHER PEOPLE'S WARS. While I wait for some works to be framed... I find out that there are far too many paintings in the show! 
10 - 01 - 04: MADRID: OWN AND OTHER PEOPLE'S WARS. Even Adam G. had to leave his fossils for a while to help and  finish the frames on time.
11 - 01 - 04: MADRID: IN MEMORIAM. When I was a child, 'sea and sky' was the taste of those olives that Pedro gave me  wrapped in gray 'estraza' paper... that broke so easily. (In Memoriam Pedro L.) 
12 - 01 - 04: MADRID: OWN AND OTHER PEOPLE'S WARS. I'm fed up already!! 
13 - 01 - 04: ALCORCON: UNANSWERED QUESTIONS. Which sort of graffiti the 'writers' Javi, Figu, Francisco (malahierba)...are doing? Savage style, bubble letters...?
14 - 01 - 04: MADRID: VISIT. Of Daniel D. to work? 
15 - 01 - 04: VALENCIA: A men aquarium with stalking sharks...
16 - 01 - 04: VALENCIA: What a pity that the extraordinary Calatrava's arquitectural structures have contents so absurd as those of the 'Science Museum'
17 - 01 - 04: VALENCIA: The Monforte gardens have nohing to do with Monforte de Lemos.
18 - 01 - 04: MADRID: THE OTHER DAY. In Valencia, F.S. Nicolau showed us the paintings for his next solo exhibition in Madrid.

19 - 01 - 04: MADRID: GALERIA ESTAMPA. A text by J.A. González Iglesias will accompany the polyptych 'The Workman' during February in the project 'Poets & Painters'.

20 - 01 - 04: LEGANES: OWN AND OTHER PEOPLE'S WARS. More than 150 years of unpublished Spanish sculptures  that, discarded by the Administration, L. Arencibia is trying to save.
21 - 01 - 04: MADRID: GALERIA LEANDRO NAVARRO. For a digital project that I will make in collaboration with Clara G. I had to photograph her paintings in the gallery (with L.M. Escribano's help)
22 - 01 - 04: MADRID: MUSIC. The painting I'm working on ('I.M. P.L.' from the In Memoriam series) won't have the music of The Beatles (that I gave to my father in 1964) because I no longer have a record player.
23 - 01 - 04: SALAMANCA: URBAN LEGEND? Somebody tells me that the red graffiti that cover the city walls were written centuries ago with bull's blood.
24 - 01 - 04: MADRID: ARRIAZA, GOLDEN SECTION. Plato said: it is impossible to combine two things well without a third, it is necessary a relationship among them that links them, the best bond for this relationship is the everything.